Handmade Holiday

Well this post is way late but I wanted to share my presents for the girls this Christmas. I was actually late giving M2 her present because my yarn arrived late but here she is in her new cropped flared pod pocket sweater (in her favorite colorway)- My first sweater of 2009.
So serious today?
I offered to make more tiers for it so it wasn't so cropped but she likes it this way.

And for M2 her very own hand drawn magnetic paper doll. M1 had the first of the paper dolls. Our washer machine in the kitchen is actually covered with misprinted custom paper dolls of other kids, so M2 was very excited to have her very own with some of her favorite outfits and some dream outfits thrown in too.
It came with a little magnetic board and a carry along tote too!
I just applied to my first craft show of the year. I won't get the news until March 2nd though! Ugh... Wish me luck!


knitsational said...

I love the dolls! What a great idea.

Jessica said...

the twist fair! I hope you get in you'll be just down the street from my house! So cool

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