CAM, WinterFair, New Cards, and Stuffing Swap

Whoa I feel really busy. But it's a good kind of feeling. I usually work very well under pressure. Actually I don't really know how I work without pressure because I have a habit of stacking all of my deadlines on the same day or in this case weekend. So yes, I have two show schedule for this weekend. And there is the big Think Local First Lumpkin event too. Luckily I can set up for both show the night before.
If you're in Lancaster this weekend I encourage you to attend BOTH of these events!
No really- it's crucial that you do so.
You certainly can't miss the over 60 vendors at CAM his weekend. There will be music and treats and plenty of handmade goodness to help you knock some items off the ol' Christmas list.

And then there's Winter Fair.If you have children, then you NEED to be there! It's the most magical holiday event in this region. I really mean that.
Also, if you attend these events you're likely to find me, and what more could you ask?

In other news, I got my new business cards from the Green Printer and they look amazing! As I expected, the paper is not quite as thick at my previous cards and they aren't quite at shiny, but they are really great cards and they appear to be very durable, bright, clear, just wonderful. I'm so proud of the design. It's very bright and busy and fun on one side and clear and informative on the other.

OK, no more time to dillydally.

With so much to do today, I'd better make a list.
Here's my schedule for the day:

Make advent calender(5 days late)- DONE
Finish making notebooks today- decorate tonight
Finish items for the Stuffing Swap
(I've been calling it that for some reason)
(I know I'm always the last one to
things, but they'll get there- I swear)
Print product photos for the booth display
Label and price a couple of items
Bake and Frost 2 dozen Cupcakes
Pick up the car from the shop
Set up the booth at Eastern Market
Buy a Christmas tree

I feel like there is something missing here, but it seems like such an outlandishly long list that I'll end it there. Oh wait-that's right...
Take a shower and burn these pj's in which
I've had two consecutive '
jammie days'

That oughta do it.


leah said...

it's 3:00 pm. i just peeled off my pjs and showered. you aren't alone! i have a deadline that i seem to be ignoring because here i am reading blogs. oiy! have a wonderful (and lucrative!) weekend.

Waldeck Dry Goods said...

Hi! I didn't realize you had a blog ( I found it through Chelia's). Hope you did well yesterday at CAM. I'm back there today to freeze! =)

Rachel-Marie said...

Your cards are gorgeous! I'll have to check them out!

I loved seeing you, your fam, and stand this weekend! You are so impressive!

I tagged you on my blog! http://knittydirtygirl.livejournal.com

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