ahhHHHHH freakOUT!

Ok, so it's T-minus 14 days until baby. There is a full moon on June 18th and that is a mere 3 days before my actual due date. I'm suspecting maybe the baby will be joining us on that day. No kidding. In which case I'd most likely be perfectly capable of attending my sister-in-law's wedding taking place on my actual due date. In these last pre-baby days we are planning on setting up the playroom and I still have to get the baby clothing back in action. Diaper service is on stand-by for the first couple months and all of our other supplies seem to be in order. I'm also hoping we'll finally set up the balcony of love this weekend. Everything is coming together. The last crafting projects I'll be working on include finishing up a couple flower girl dresses, finally finishing M2's quilt and starting on lumpkin #3's baby quilt.

Here's a sneak peek at M2's quilt which I've been working on since before her birth. It was supposed to be done for that birth, but it never happened. It started as a personal quilt of mine to reflect on M1's birth and to inspire me as I prepared to attempt my first VBAC with M2. Since M2's birth was such a magical moment in my life I decided that this art quilt will be hers. Not exactly a warm cuddly baby quilt like the others will have, but I never got around to making her one of those because I was student-teaching up until the last day of my pregnancy with her. I may actually finish her quilt which I also call the birthing quilt this weekend! After about 6 years of construction, that will feel so good. It will hang in my room for the next couple weeks and serve as my inspiration for this next new birth adventure.
More on the Birthing Quilt in a future post.

Today it is sooo hot. I actually turned on the AC so I can stand the work it will require to set up the playroom. Ugh, it's still awful. We are going to go out into the world of industrial AC in a couple of minutes. First stop- Salvation Army's anniversary sale- every thing's 1/2 off today. I need some wool pants to cut up for my woolie diaper covers I'm making. It will probably be pretty crazy out there today. Later today we're going to see Brigadoon at the Fulton Opera House. Oh! here's another great tip for Lancaster city living. Every first Saturday matinée performance (2:00pm)of any play at the Fulton is a "pay what you want" show. This is a great way for young families to get a chance to go to the theater with the kids without breaking the bank. I love exposing the kids to the theater, but honestly, there is no way I'd pay $30 to see a show that they might get bored half way through or someone might have a fit and then I have to leave. The girls love to see the fancy theater and all the wonderful actors and costumes. We get all dressed up and feel fancy for the afternoon. And "pay what you want" means just that, folks. If you can only afford $2 a ticket, that's OK with them. They also have an interpretor doing sign language for that show, which is also cool. Aside from that I've always loved Brigadoon and now the girls do too.

It should be a busy day, hopefully we'll be able to hit up the pool sometime this weekend, I really want to get some use out of that maternity suit this time around. The girls need to work on their swimming skills too. I hope you have a lovely weekend. If you're around here, enjoy the sweltering weather!


LemonCadet said...

Sounds like you have a lot going on. Good luck! I can't wait to see the finished quilts in action.

I'd like to see Brigadoon as well...

leah said...

your daughter and your grandchildren to come will cherish this quilt forever. what an amazing message to pass on to the future mothers of your family.

Tangerine Dreams said...

Ack!!! You're pregnant too! Much more than me I see. Congratulations, Mama Lumpkin. I have to hurry over to your shop before de-lump yourself ;)

Anonymous said...

haha I think it's so funny you are planning on having your baby the 18th and then going to a wedding three days later!!! My goodness, you are amazing. You do soooo much, and you're the sweetest mommy.

Love you!!!!!!!!

Victoria said...

Your quilt is absolutely amazing! Makes me want to cry at it's power and beauty! Hang in there with this heat, won't be long now!