May Day!

Lumpkin Garden 2008, originally uploaded by LittleLumpkin.

Last years May Day was sunny and hot, today it's very chilly and gloomy out, but you know i sometimes think that the gloomy skies accentuate the brightness of the greens and flowers of spring. It's a nice backdrop. The fields and the trees up against the steely blue sky is a lovely combination too.

So here's that Lumpkin garden I've been telling you about. I created it within the wildflower garden that my late husband (that still sounds so weird to me) Kurt planted out front. It started in the spring of 2005 and I've been adding to it every year. Kurt knew everything about native plants and was the one who started telling our daughters the magical tales of the Lumpkins.

I've added the tulips along the back wall even though they are far from native to PA, but I love their color and they fade away fairly quickly so I don't feel they hinder the authenticity of our garden. I also added Kurt's miniature hosta collection to the garden which I think really adds to the tiny charm. It really is a beautiful little place to visit.

The pond and the path need some maintenance and the ivy trellis and courtyard are severely overgrown, but thats o.k, the Lumpkins are still cozy in their homes until it gets a little warmer out. I'm sure they'll be out tend to their spring cleaning soon.

Happy May Day Little Lumpkins!

M1 in her May Day Crown

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