Whoa mama

Ok, there are officially less than 2 months left until baby 3 arrives. When did that happen? As you can see I've grown to gargantuan proportions. Actually I'm not any bigger than I was with the other two and they were each under 7 lbs. Not that I'm afraid of a big baby... come on I dare you kid! It just gets harder to lose after each babe, slower anyway. We are out in the garden getting ready for the big transformation from lump of weeds into this years magical veggie patch. There is much to be done before this weekends rain comes. I'd like to get the seeds in the ground before a single drop falls. I've been doing lots of other little nesting things around the house too. I decorated a little Lumpkin Tote hat box with some fun embroidery which I'll blog about more later, and I have been in perma-knit mode lately, so I made about a dozen of these little gems, soon to be in the shop
Oh, and I just in case anyone is in the Marietta area, this weekend... Please stop by the Susquehanna Waldorf School's Spring Fair this Saturday April, 26th 11-2pm. There will be lots of fun games, and crafts, and entertainment and food. Hopefully there will also be some sunshine. It's a really great event. Fun for all!


LemonCadet said...

You look fantastic!!!

Good luck with the rest of your time. It goes so fast, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Oh Sarah I can't wait to see you this summer, you are so sweet! You look beautiful! Let me know if you need anything ever ever ever!

Lumpkin said...

thanks ladies!