Camera Cord Found!!!

all cozy watching Enchanted Saturday night
Evidently I'm nesting. I know this because my new favorite past time is cleaning and not just surface cleaning, I'm talking about mucking out and ridding myself of all worthlessness. It's been an intense process of digging through closets and drawers and boxes in every single room of my house. I'm proud to say that the downstairs is completely clean and organized.
Living Room

Dining Room

The second floor is another story. I'm trying to relocate my small sewing room to a more spacious area of the house and transform it into a playroom for the kids. I've been resistant to the playroom, but there is no way the kids can live in the same room as their toys and not live in a constant mess.

I've also been doing lots of crafting for my own personal enjoyment and those close to me. I'm really into embroidering right now. I stitched on this cute little newborn shirt for our newest babe coming soon.

tiny embroidered Lumpkin
I have a little tip that I found works really well when embroidering names and text. I go to the this website and choose a font and size of my liking (up to 72 pt) and then I type in the text I want and tape my fabric directly over the computer screen to trace.

It's a great light box and you don't ever have to print anything out and waste paper. It's perfect. I highly recommend. I'm working on some little projects for my three favorite babies fresh from the womb.
I've also been doing some personal knitting. I made myself a little belly tank top for these last couple pregnancy months.
I think I'll fashion a little bottom part to it for when I'm back to the 'no-way-I'm-showing-any-belly' days. The picture is really bad, but the wool is so soft and richly colored- I'll have to model it on a later post.

Oh, and check out his great find, an amazing little hat box from the piles at Zenith in Pittsburgh when we went for Easter brunch.
It's the same shape of a Lumpkin!
Oh, I have some plans for that little box, and they do involve embroidery.
More on that to come though.

On the pregnancy front, I've officially went off my rocker with sugar intake and it's time to cut down because the pounds are piling on.
Plump at 28 weeks

Last night I was almost going to go eat a bagel for a snack, but with some advice from my recently pregnant pal I opted for a high-protein low carb alternative. Tofu on a bed of greens and tomatoes.
A lovely bedtime snack.
Sesame Garlic Tofu on Greens w/ Tomatoes

Mmm, I could go for some more of that right now. And I do believe I shall.

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