pregnant b. demented

This week I'm working on a few new projects. Actually, I'm working on six billion projects lately all at the same time. This being my third pregnancy I've noticed that I'm very distracted and my memory is fading fast. I notice it constantly. The other day I poured some water into my iron with a measuring cup. About 10 minutes later I required the same measuring cup to make my pizza dough. I went into the dining room to fetch the cup (still on the ironing board) and it took until I was in the kitchen standing over the mixing bowl to discover that I'd grabbed the iron instead. These things are happening everyday. Pregnancy Dementia? I think I'm onto something. I have just sort of been flitting around the house starting and never really finishing any particular task. Normally this would drive me crazy, but I find it somewhat comforting that there is a little project waiting for me around every corner (at least right this second I do- that's the thing with pregnancy hormones, they 'giveth' patience and they also 'taketh' away)
Sadly, we are still without power cording for the camera, so my blog is again without pictures, however I have a couple of nice little scans to share. First, is a cute little paper doll I finished last week for a little girl at my daughters school. I was pretty happy with the outcome, sometimes they can be brutal since I'm not always the best caricaturist. This one went well.
I have also completed four of the most beautiful little baby sweaters using my knittydirtygirl yarn supply. I'm officially tapped out. As soon as I GET A CAMERA WORKING!, I'll post pictures. whoa. In the meantime, here's a little idea I'm mulling over in my head. Two of the baby sweaters still require buttons to be truly finished. I had the brilliant idea to make little custom Lumpkin buttons out of polymer clay. I envisioned what I wanted the buttons to look like and I've even drawn a diagram of how I imagine one would make a cane of polymer clay Lumpies. The only problem is, I've never made a polymer cane. I have a bunch of books about it somewhere and I even have all the tools and some fresh clay around here somewhere. I've just never done it and it scares me a bunch, but, I'm going to try to follow this little diagram and tweak it as I go along. If only I had a camera to capture the madness that's about to begin. Wish me luck, I'll keep you posted.

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How are you doing?? I wish you the best, and hope to see you soon! Can't wait to see the sweaters and your new baby to come!!

Are you having a baby shower?