CHANGING my ways

Hello hello, this week we are on vacation in Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania's top vacation destination, of course. But seriously, last night we went to IKEA and actually purchased my first ever piece of baby furniture. Thats right, I've had two children in the past 8 years and never purchased or even entertained the idea of owning a single piece of baby furniture. Behold the changing table...
The SINGULAR-It's very simple and solid wood. It doesn't look much like a changing table and we can use it for storage later on. So why the ban on baby items? I don't know. I just hate the idea of having this tiny piece of furniture that will be useless to me in 2 years. I've never had a crib since I feel weird about people sleeping in cages and my babies have always slept with me while I'm nursing them. I feel better that way. I'm also a pretty lazy mama and my kids probably wouldn't have gotten fed, if I had to get all-the-way-out-of-bed (droning voice) to go nourish them. They also never would have gotten fed when we were out and about, because I am way to disorganized to to mess with formulas and bottles and all that jazz, plus my kids aren't cows so they drink human milk. Ok, this has become the lactivist blog entry today. So, anyway, I caved on the changing table because while my laziness tells me that diapy changes on the couch/bed/floor are perfectly acceptable, I understand the appeal of a poo-free environment to sit/sleep/stand upon. Plus, papa was itchin' to buy something for baby and how can I deny such sweetness.

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