So Busy

It seems like I've been so busy lately, but nothing is nearing completion. Basically I have nothing to show for myself. That's not entirely true. I'm almost complete with my balcony seen here in the before stage.
I have painted almost every inch of this little porch outside my sewing room in the past couple of weeks. Strangley I've chosen peanut butter and jelly as the predominant colors. All that's left is some touch up paint and the floor. Then I can set up all of the balcony items I purchased about four years ago. Now that's what I call a long tem project. Unfortunately there is only about a month of excellent porch weather left this year. At least it will already be finished for next Spring- hurray!

I've also been working on the new boys clothing, which I guess is more just unisex. I have all the parts ready to assemble my first pair of Wild Honey Pie Pants (that's what i'm thinking of calling them.) they are wild and wooley too. Hopefully next week I'll have more info about that. I just tried to set up my flickr account to blog right over to here, so i'm going to do a test blog now...

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