Rods Screen + My Machine=

I made this little t shirt dress out of a screen printed shirt that my friend Rod makes and sells in his tattoo shop. That's right, little girls love Biggie... well, the cool ones do. And here's a shot of M2 cracking herself up as she picks Big's nose. Better his than hers, I say.

I did two events this weekend and they were great! But I must express to every one in the Lancaster, PA region, GO TO EASTERN MARKET!!!!! That's where I was vending all day today. I'm not saying this just because I want to see more people coming past my stand. I want this market to succeed. It is the best destination in Lancaster on a Saturday. Really! I get some of the best organic produce there. Today I got the tiniest little tomato medley, tiny little potatoes the size of a quarter and some equally miniscule patty pan squashes. I guess I was into tiny veggies. I also got organic ethiopian food , my favorite. PLUS, there's the artists. Such a variety of unique arts and crafts on display. Stop wasting your Saturday somewhere else. GO GO GO!

Eastern Market
308 East King Street
Lancaster, PA 17602
717-283-0942, x 204

Hey, by the way I'm about to make a huge update to the shop.
Tons of Maezy dresses. The M's are at the beach with the Gramps
so I've got nothing but time to update...
Have a nice evening everyone!


Jenn said...

thanks so much for visiting me on my blog! i'm so glad to know your etsy shop now. LOVE the monster collar!!

Steph said...

Hooray for Eastern Market!
It was great fun to meet you in person, AND to see your merchandise in person. Those Maezy dresses are perfection and I am going to give your info to all my cousins who have little bitty girls.
And of course, the Georgiana fairy I bought is going to need some friends.