Building a Boy Stash

I just got back from an epic trip to the fabric shop. 2 and a half hours- which is like a decade in 3 year old time. And ,oh yes I always have one of those with me. She was a trooper though. We looked through the "magazines" (pattern catalogs) and she picked her favorites. I was mostly in search of 'boy' fabric. I've said it before- I don't want to only make girl stuff. But, the problem is I have not been able to properly get in touch with my tomboy side, having too super girlie faerie lovin' daughters. I've looked for boy fabrics before and I was kid of disgusted. I hate all of the cars and transportation themes and I'm not a huge fan of camo either. I know, I know, boys love it, but I have to make things that I love too.

My favorite things about boys are their interests in getting dirty and exploring.
So, I set out in search of fabrics in a nature theme. It took a while but I managed to find some great items. I picked up a yard of each of these prints:
And some coordinating corduroys, denims and twills:
I am first going to be focusing on pants. I have an amazing idea which I still need to sketch out. I actually had a coffee induced epiphany on the way home from this fabric buying. Ideas were flowing from every direction.
Oh, and I'd like to give special recognition to Betty at the fabric shop, for scanning my 40% off coupon not once but a total of 8 times.
Resulting in the fact that I paid less than $60 for that fat stack of boy stash.
Many Thanks Betty!

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Scrappy Moments said...

Wow! What a Deal. Love your blog, got here from your Etsy store, I love it. I am a Paper Crafter and I have to say. I will be visiting again, My Ansetors, (Yes, I've done a Heritage album) are from Lancaster, so it will be kinda neat to Pictures, Ever heard of Boehms Chapel?