Day Two- Miyera's Room

Well it's was a busy day yesterday, but I managed to prime and paint and rearrange Miyera's room. Today starts the fun part. Time to hit the fabric shop and the craft store. I tried to find a nice quilt cover at Ikea, but their selection was disappointing- no Full size kid sheets! We did manage to get this chair and this table and two of these rugs(in pink) for the room. So as you can see the room is going with a very girly theme. She's a 6 year old girl, what do you expect? Today I will try to find some fabric with light pinks and purples, and hopefully a little bit darker shades of red and green. I need fabric for the bed and windows and the chair. and I have a few other ideas up my sleeve. I hope that once all the shopping is out of the way, I can finish the sewing by Friday, and put the room together. Here's a shot of Miyera and my M's in her new room (the 3 M's), of course it will be even newer when she sees it next week. More news tomorrow...

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