New Members of the Fabric Stash

I spent an unbelievable amount of money repairing my cheap little sewing machine which I just picked up from the machine hospital this morning. I really have to learn to repair my own machines. To lift my spirits after draining my wallet, i decided it would be best to go fabric shopping. Actually, i am about at capacity as far as fabric goes, but it's just soooooo nice. Crisp, fresh, calicos all lined up. Mmmm. There is nothing better. The first thing I'll be making is a couple of little Lumpy-kid doll sets for the etsy shop. I made a couple of these dolls as custom orders over the winter and they were a hit. I'm finally listing Bing in the shop tonight. It's such a hard thing for me to write out the descriptions and get everything put together for a listing. Maybe I should try listing things more than once every three months. Practice makes perfect. Ok, back to stroking my stash.

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